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Entering the summer holidays, we all plan for ourselves a great escape no matter it’s a short time or a long vacation. Beach is cool, mountain is fresh and jungle is wild. And coincidently in Mekong Rustic we have a little bit of each element.

Entering the summer holidays, we all plan for ourselves a great escape no matter it’s a short time or a long vacation. Beach is cool, mountain is fresh and jungle is wild. And coincidently in Mekong Rustic we have a little bit of each element.

Stretching your leg to the countryside is not a new way of escaping. Many years ago it already became an ideal option for living or traveling. Understanding and catching up the demands of visitors, we aim to create a rustic environment with comfortable stay for a best experience and memorable memories. Specially, the biggest concern is making a product which is the combination among community tourism, responsible travel, recycled items and renewable energy.

In a conversation with Mekong Rustic’s founder – Mr. Bobby Nguyen, we can obviously see his deep passion in nurturing and developing this project since it’s not simply only a resort or a homestay for rent, but a community tourism zone that owns the cultural identity and never lacks of creativity.

Enjoy local tea with the host

Firstly we have to mention about the building material in Can Tho. Mostly wood from the resort are used from wood planks of rice merchant boats which were sunk during the war. Local fisherman salvaged the remained wood planks and sold it in order to help a part of earning a living. What is so special of this kind of wood? It was soaked in the bottom of Mekong River for tens of years, passed many destructive challenges of nature and still remains durable. Each piece of wood was carefully and delicately used for bridges, public area and even for room decorations.

In tough economic situation, people have tons of way to earn a living. And we have plenty of way to help them. In Mekong Rustic, wood for doors, windows, beds are bought from local junk shop and recycled to be suitable for the space, creating a sense of friendliness with the nature and comfortable stay.

Public area

Inside of room

In Mekong Rustic, building material is recycled from remained parts of the past, items are reused from junk and the energy is solar. Mr. Bobby Nguyen uses solar energy for water source in order to reduce using of electricity. As you know the Mekong Delta’s weather is hot and sunny all year round, so to serve a comfortable stay, rooms still need air conditioner. That is why in order to reduce the needs of using air conditioner too much, Mekong Rustic uses coconut leaf roof for bungalows to lower the room temperature.

Coconut leaf roof is used for bungalows

One minor but not less important is the staff of Mekong Rustic. They are all local people, honest and friendly. This project is also one way to help people’s life in this Mekong zone. Many households in the area don’t keep the idea of making benefits from tourism or tourists, they simply welcome visitors to their house, invite guests some fruits, a cup of tea and chit chat some stories. They sincerely love having guests to their home so in a few minutes they could forget about difficulties of life.

Pep talk with local host

The success is not building up a place like this, the success is when we can maintain this project so our work is not only developing the tourism but also preserving the core value of the native culture and creating a way for locals to earn a living, keeping this project on the right trail for a better life of community.

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